Providing the psychologists and psychology students an occupational organization with an egalitarian and libertarian basis of social solidarity that takes side with fraternity, the association aims to critically work on psychological theories and practices as well as their regeneration. TODAP has a purpose to gather with the working, unemployed, and student psychologists who meet on a societal basis that takes side with labor. TODAP conducts activities on the basis of human rights and takes side with the oppressed, against every kind of discrimination, pressure, and exploitation.

The works of TODAP take notice of labor and deal with most of the psychologists’ experiences that result from their positions in the relations of production; aiming to describe, interpret, and make these experiences apparent. Most of the psychologists are in a position of wageworker and they are disciplined more
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You can find the email addresses of the Consultation Unit for Psychologist Rights and the Women’s Council.

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