Who is Association of Psychologists for Social Solidarity (TODAP)?
Providing the psychologists and psychology students an occupational organization with an egalitarian and libertarian basis of social solidarity that takes side with fraternity, the association aims to critically work on psychological theories and practices as well as their regeneration. TODAP has a purpose to gather with the working, unemployed, and student psychologists who meet on a societal basis that takes side with labor. TODAP conducts activities on the basis of human rights and takes side with the oppressed, against every kind of discrimination, pressure, and exploitation.

The works of TODAP take notice of labor and deal with most of the psychologists’ experiences that result from their positions in the relations of production; aiming to describe, interpret, and make these experiences apparent. Most of the psychologists are in a position of wageworker and they are disciplined more and more with insecure working conditions as well as unemployment. The works of TODAP taking notice of labor is grounded on raising awareness about this situation and struggling against the insecure and flexible working conditions.

When the history of psychology is examined, it is possible to see how psychology was rigorously committed to the historical conditions and power relations from which it emerged, and how it was grounded on those conditions’ ideological hypotheses. The secondary basis of TODAP focuses on generating the criticism of psychological knowledge and practice in an interdisciplinary approach.

TODAP defines social solidarity as indispensable for a world livable for everyone and for an integrated occupational knowledge and practice. While engaging in solidarity with the oppressed people in the society, the psychologists do not only narrowly aim social solidarity but they also strive to generate an evolving and transforming profession. TODAP unconditionally supports the struggles for human rights, which is the corner stone of psychosocial prosperity.

Besides these three bases, the association aims to bring forward the violations of the rights of the psychologists and psychology students that they experience while studying or working in the field; as well as to bring forward the violations of the rights that are caused by the psychologists and the psychology in general. The association works on making the undergraduate education sufficient and qualified for being employed as a psychologist, and struggles for making the educations, that are demanded for working in the field, attainable for everyone. Furthermore, TODAP defines psychological service as a health right and struggles for it to be provided equally, free of payment, and in mother tongue.

In the light of the aforementioned thoughts, TODAP protects the acquired rights, struggles against the attacks towards them, and defends all the acquired and not-yet-acquired rights.
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