Women's Council
Purposes of the council are;

- By the support of the methodological basis that has been developed by the feminist methodology, to take the lead in analyzing the occupational knowledge and practice in terms of gender and to take lead in organizing the reconstruction of this knowledge and practice,

- To form a common language, in TODAP, free of male-dominant discourse

- By forming women solidarity, to fight against the sexist violence, that we face while we are exercising our profession

- To function as a safe authorized council for women who want to make a declaration about an example of male sexual, physical or psychological violence that she has faced in TODAP and to decide on the main principles of procedure that are going to be taken as granted in such a situation

As TODAP members, we know that we all are equally responsible for fighting against gender discrimination. Thus, we do not hope TODAP Women’s Council to be a board that all the issues about the struggle against the male dominant and heteronormative power structures in the area of psychology are being passed to; but we hope it to be one of this struggle’s components that sees the organization of such a fight as one of its main tasks.

We believe that the existence of such a council in our association which is formed to move towards these aims is very valuable and indispensable for women for giving them the opportunity to say their words for themselves, say the words arising from their own experiences and to produce emancipatory practices in the area of psychology and gender. You can contact TODAP Women’s Council via this email address: todapkadin@gmail.com
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